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Thank You Letter To Our Tribe

Hello Nubians, 

we have experienced a pandemic together. You have stuck by us through the highs and lows of our hardest year of business! Here’s a note from our creator to you. (she left a discount code too) 

Dearest Nubians, 

I want to publicly acknowledge my gratitude. Your support means so much more to me than the words thank you for your support and patience. The past year has impacted business in so many ways. Many of you patronize several businesses, lots of those business have thrived during covid, the honest truth is we struggled. It was a fight everyday, fear was present everyday, uncertainty to pay for our necessities was present everyday. Grief and loss impacted our loved ones... but you engaged with our content and you visited our site! We are so grateful for you! We thank you for being apart of our tribe! We affirm that all you touch multiplies in your favor. Use Code Nubian for 40% off your purchase! 

with love & light, 


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