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Thank You Letter To Our Tribe

Thank You Letter To Our Tribe

Hello Nubians, 

we have experienced a pandemic together. You have stuck by us through the highs and lows of our hardest year of business! Here’s a note from our creator to you. (she left a discount code too) 

Dearest Nubians, 

I want to publicly acknowledge my gratitude. Your support means so much more to me than the words thank you for your support and patience. The past year has impacted business in so many ways. Many of you patronize several businesses, lots of those business have thrived during covid, the honest truth is we struggled. It was a fight everyday,...

Ingredient Spotlight : Pages from our Materia Medica

Ingredient Spotlight : Pages from our Materia Medica

Nu Nubians

Materia Medica : Geranium Geranium





Botanical name  : Pelargonium Graveolens

Common name : Geranium

Family : Geraniaceae ( Geranium Family)

Parts Used : Aerial (flowers + leaves); Essential Oil 

Native to  temperate/tropical  regions of the world many species in South Africa Botanical

Description herbaceous to woody 



Cooling, anti-inflammatory, anti depressant relaxant

An adaptagen helpful for pre menstrual...

Every Woman Need A Period Diary...

Every Woman Need A Period Diary...

Most if not all women I know love stationery and especially a beautiful journal. As women, we know how easy it is to be unheard or unsure of our voice. Writing our experiences down has become a shared comfort for a large majority of us. 

Recently through the clubhouse app I engaged in conversation with fertility experts (all woc) who suggested that women create a period diary to better advocate for themselves while seeking medical attention. How could your doctor ignore your early signs of endometriosis or fibroids when you are detailing specifically your symptoms? 

How much easier would it...